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AutoExpert is the world's most sophisticated, comprehensive and easiest-to-use car researching system – and it can easily integrate into your website.

You can preview it on our website, here.

To implement it on your website, use our webservice. You will need a User ID, and use the function GetReviewsFromCategoryTypeAndPreferences with your chosen search options.

Go here to see it in action: AutoExpert Test Form and key in the following into the first seven fields of the form:

demo, 5, van, new, performance, build, economy

... and press 'Invoke'. You will see 5 vans in decreasing order of match quality, searching on performance first, then build, then economy. Results are returned in XML format in the same way as the other webservice calls for easy processing and integration into your website.

Use functions GetPreferences and GetCategories to get the lists of valid search preferences and review categories for this function.

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