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To send emails on your behalf, we need to hold lists of your customer emails.

In keeping with the principles of GDPR legislation, we have an automated mechanism that ensures we do not keep your data beyond the point it is used. We automatically purge your mail lists and mailing results 14 days from their point of use, ensuring that old information is not left on our servers unintentionally. We provide a mechanism on our mailing results page to allow you to download your results in CSV format, for import into your CRM system - once you have done so it is your responsibility to ensure that the CSV file is kept securely and deleted when it is no longer needed. We ensure that the data doesn't remain on our servers past its useful date for you automatically; you do not need to do anything to make this happen.

Note that the expiry date of the data (14 days by default) can be changed if required to 30 days, 90 days or 365 days; please contact our office and we will be happy to make this change for you.

Your data is held in a secure data centre in the UK, in a database which is heavily firewalled and not exposed to the internet. No user can access the data of other users, but it is your responsibility to keep your username and password safe.

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