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The following accounts are available to our users. Not all systems are available to all of our customers depending on the contract in place. To get an account, or to add new services to your account, please contact us by phone or email.


Customer Portal / Watermarked Video Portal

You can access this here: https://www.caranddriving.com/customer

We use this for a variety of jobs, but the most common usage is to enable the generation and download of watermarked videos for use with Facebook/Youtube/etc. There are more details on that here: Watermarked Video Generation

Editorial Portal

You can access this by logging in with email and password on our main website's front page, here: https://www.caranddriving.com . This site contains lots of editorial content and articles, but the most common usage is to access text and images for a car to use on a website.

Login here:


Click on this link in the top menu:


Then new car road tests, here:


Note that 'pictures library' in the same menu is a stock photo library, and not necessarily up to date with the latest models.

When you click on a model, there’s a download link ‘download all images (zip)’ under the photos on the right hand side.


Please note that image use is only licenced for use on the web if you include our text alongside the image on your webpage. We have a library of images which are free of this restriction available on our online store, here: https://www.caranddriving.com/store

Car Sales Prospecting System (Dealer Portal)

You can access this here: https://www.caranddriving.com/dealer and there is more information on it here: Car Sales Prospecting System


The webservice is a programming API which developers use to get our data for use in websites.

You need a user_id which you give when calling it; there is no password. You can find more details here: Searching the Webservice

Video Portal

You may be given an account to our video portal at https://www.caranddrivingvideo.com - this is a pre-sales preview system and not intended for use once you have signed a contract with us. Please use one of the above services instead.

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