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Video play information is automatically captured in Google Analytics; which video was played, against which user id, when, and how much of the video the user watched.

We have a reporting page here: [1] - which once you've registered with us and Google, you'll be able to login to and use.


You will need your user id (as given to the webservice), and a password which we can give you. Furthermore, if you do not already have a Google Analytics account, you will need to register with Google Analytics here: [2]

Once you have done that, contact our office, and we can assign your stats to your Google Analytics account.

Important: Statistics are only captured on your account from the day that your account is assigned to the Car and Driving data; it is not possible to include earlier stats in your data set, even if videos have been running on your site for sometime. However, we can see earlier stats on our global account, so please contact us if you need earlier stats and we can run them off for you.

Our Reporting Pages

Before accessing our reporting page, you must login to Google Analytics using your main google analytics account email and password. [3]. Logging in is all you have to do; once you've done that, proceed to the next step to login to our reporter.

When your account has been set up, and we have given you a reporting password, and when you have already logged into Google Analytics, you will be able to login to our reporting page. [4]

When you login, a graph appears, then you have access to our stats! If you're not logged into analytics, you may get a small login button instead. Click this, enter your Google Analytics username and password, and a statistics graph should appear. You can then use our reporting system. Note that the graph does not appear instantly - it can take up to 60 seconds to appear.

Note: Internet Explorer does not work well with the Analytics charts; we recommend using Google Chrome to view your stats.

Reporting Directly in Google Analytics

If you are using our reporting portal, you don't need to worry about this section - this information is only for those who wish run reports directly in Google Analytics.

If you use Google Analytics for other reporting, you may prefer to use our stats data within your own analytics reports. This is perfectly possible, but please note how the statistics are captured to make sensible reports.

The video player sends two event updates to Google Analytics every second - one that notes the number of seconds a video has been played, and another that notes what percentage of the video has been watched.

You will find these under Content/Events in Analytics.

- Event Category is the name of the video watched - e.g. Vauxhall Astra.

- Event Action is the type of event; either CD Play Percent, or CD Play Seconds.

- Event Label is the name of the account used to watch the video.

To count events successfully, you must count Unique Events - *NOT* Total Events. Total Events tracks the number of times an event was updated (once per second per video watched!), not the number of video plays - for that you need Unique Events.

Furthermore, because the player sends 2 event updates each second, to get an accurate figure you must filter by either Event Action=CD Play Percent or Event Action=CD Play Seconds; otherwise your figure will be twice as high as it should be.

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