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If you use our main webservice you will get links and images that are served by http.

To get links and images served by https, simply use the following alternative url ; this will give you links and images all served by https.

If you want to transform an http link to an https equivalent by hand, the rules are as follows:


Using the Video Player Directly

If you use the video player directly, or the helper page (see you should find that all you need to do is call the page as a https page, like this:

Using the Helper Page

Again, simply change http to https when you link to the helper page:

Using the Webservice: Images

If you’re using the webservice, you will need to modify the url’s the webservice sends you back slightly.

For images, replace with, so


Using the Webservice: Videos

For video links from the video_urlforiframe tag, simply change the http:// to https://, so


Direct Video Files

If you have access to/use the individual video file names, turn the domain name to, and also take the subdomain of the server (e.g. f5) and put it after the domain name as a subdirectory, like this:


Should you use that will work too, but will direct the video through a proxy webserver which may interfere with the streaming; direct access to is preferred.

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