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We offer a bespoke service producing 'teaser' films; shortened 3 minute (approx) videos designed to be uploaded on and shared via youtube or a similar file sharing site.

These videos are produced separately for each customer that signs up to the service, and can be downloaded from the following mini-portal:


To access the page, you will need a user name (your webservice user_id) and a password; please contact our office to receive these. When logged in, select 'Teaser Videos'.

Click on a video to request a teaser film to be built; it takes several minutes to an hour to build a film. Once it has completed, it will show in a separate list of videos ready for download. Right click on those and save them to your local disk. Do not left click on them as this will often cause the video to play in your browser, rather than save it. Once you have saved a video, go to the youtube website and upload it to youtube. You may then use youtube's standard embed code to place the video on your website, blogs or emails.

NB: Do not use the links to play the videos directly; they are ultra high definition and do not stream - i.e. anyone playing the film will download the entire file - often around 500MB in size.

This service is only available for a select few of our latest videos. For other videos, we offer the Watermarked Overview Video Generation service.

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