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Our clients can generate watermarked versions of our shorts and overview films which are intended for use on Youtube and social media.

Signing Up to Watermarked Video Generation

Please contact our office for details on how to get access to our watermarked overview videos.

To setup watermarking, we need you to prepare 2 graphics:

- A transparent background logo image, 1920px wide by 1080px high, with any watermark positioned at the point on the image you want the logo to appear on the video. This image will be overlaid over the top of the video, and as such should be (mostly) transparent. Typically, the watermark is placed on the bottom left of the image, and is sized to 1/4 the height or 1/4 the width of the full image. This should be in '.png' format.

Example: http://f6.caranddriving.com/images/CD-watermark.png

- An 'end of video' panel image, 1920px wide by 1080px high, again in '.png' format. The background of the image *must* be black. In addition to your branding and message, it must contain prominently (i.e. readably, in white) the following message:

'Features and technical specifications quoted were all current at the date of full compilation (E&OE). Details can change over time - check with your dealer. (c) 2019 Car & Driving Ltd.'

Example: http://f6.caranddriving.com/images/CD-backpanel.png

Generating Watermarked Videos


(you will need a username and password which we will provide you with).

Go to the 'Watermarked Videos' tab. There will be lists of videos, labelled 'Available Films for Shorts'. Click on one of these to start a build of your watermarked video in the background. Come back in about half an hour and you should find it in a list at the top of the screen 'Watermarked Short and Overview Films' ready for download. Depending on your browser, right clicking on the link will allow you to download the video.

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