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You can find our innovative Car Sales Prospecting System here:


If you do not have an account already, please contact our office and we will be happy to set you up a demo account.


What it does

It makes emails with embedded video reviews in them, like this, which you can send to your clients. Uniquely, you can see how your clients react, and use this information to qualify your prospects.


  • You can send this mail to a list of your clients; all you need is a list of email addresses
  • Put your branding on the email
  • Change your message / offer to suit your marketing campaign
  • See which clients accept the offer
  • See which clients watch the video

How to get set up

Please contact our office and we can get you setup quickly. We need from you:

  • Your dealer name
  • A square icon (200px x 200px) in .png format
  • Your website address (this can be a link to a part of your website, if you'd like to send users to a particular place)
  • Your contact email that you would like to include in the body of the message
  • Optionally, a website address or link you would like the users to be sent to when they press the green button; the button press will still be recorded. If you do not give this, there will simply be a 'thank you, we will be in touch message' on the button.

How to use it

Please see our dealer system walk through, here on our informational website, .

We have 3 videos there, which show how different types of company may use our system.

  • New and used vehicles, for dealerships
  • Used vehicles, for car warehouses
  • Leasing, for car leasing companies.

Please use the button at the right of the video to open it full screen!

What it can tell you

See at a glance which of your prospects are interested in your car, and which are not.


  • Those who take up the offer (e.g. of a test drive) appear at the top, in the 'Accepted' list.
  • Those that have chosen to open the email and watch the video appear next in the 'Read' list.

A quick and simple way to qualify your prospects. Download the results in CSV format for uploading into your CRM system, and you're good to go!

Other things you need to know

Your data expires after 14 days

Mail lists you upload, and mailing results you generate expire automatically after 14 days for data protection reasons. Please make sure you download your results before they expire! You can ask us to change the expiry date to another value, e.g. 30, 90 or 365 days. Just let us know in the office and we'll change the setting for your account.

Your offers can be customised

We load your portal with a number of example offers to get you started. Please feel free to remove these, add your own, or change them to taste. Simply go to the Offers screen.

We can change the sender's email address

By default, emails are sent from We can customise your installation to send emails from your mail address, but you will need to modify your mail installation (in particular, you need to add a record to DNS) to avoid the messages being flagged as spam (because they will be coming from an unexpected server). Please contact us for details of how to do this.

We can change how the emails look

When we set up your account, we add a square logo to a generic grey template. This is fine to get started, but we can add your styling to our emails allowing you to change font, colour, and to a limited extent, layout. Please contact our office for details and costs.

  • How to edit your message
  • Technical Tips to make your emails more polished and powerful

You can add tags to your mails

You can include simple tags in your text such as

  • [h]Text[/h] - Header
  • [b]Text[/b] - Bold
  • [u]Text[/u] - Underline
  • [i]Text[/i] - Italic

which change how the text appears in the emails.

GDPR Information

To send emails on your behalf, we need to hold lists of your customer emails.

In keeping with the principles of GDPR legislation, we have an automated mechanism that ensures we do not keep your data beyond the point it is used. We automatically purge your mail lists and mailing results 14 days from their point of use, ensuring that old information is not left on our servers unintentionally. We provide a mechanism on our mailing results page to allow you to download your results in CSV format, for import into your CRM system - once you have done so it is your responsibility to ensure that the CSV file is kept securely and deleted when it is no longer needed. We ensure that the data doesn't remain on our servers past its useful date for you automatically; you do not need to do anything to make this happen.

Note that the expiry date of the data (14 days by default) can be changed if required to 30 days, 90 days or 365 days; please contact our office and we will be happy to make this change for you.

Your data is held in a secure data centre in the UK, in a database which is heavily firewalled and not exposed to the internet. No user can access the data of other users, but it is your responsibility to keep your username and password safe.

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