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This wiki describes how to access the Car and Driving editorial and video data through our webservice.

An Example Site

You can see an example site, here -

This site showcases all our data, and is driven completely by the webservice - all data on show here is accessible from the webservice.

Logging In

Click here for information on Logging In to our services.

What Videos Are Available

You can see our current new car videos here:

Our list of used car videos (i.e. videos of models no longer in production)here:

For a list of which videos we have recently added to our library, please see here:

We also have a separate list of our van videos

You can see our current new van videos here:

Our list of used van videos (i.e. videos of models no longer in production)here:

For a list of which van videos we have recently added to our library, please see here:

Recommended Approaches

There are three ways of integrating our data and videos on your site:

- Searching the Webservice - We have a fully functional webservice that can be integrated into your site. Videos are displayed using The Video Player in an iframe.

- The Helper Page - If your website does not support webservice integration, we have a 'helper' page which provides much of the functionality of webservice powered sites, and which can be controlled by querystrings passed to it.

- Adding Videos to Blogs and News Pages - If you want to put our videos on a blog, or similar content management driven website, they can be embedded in a similar way that you might embed a youtube video. GForces and Wordpress sites are supported, as are general content management systems - in general, if you can embed a youtube video, you will be able to embed our video.

If you just want the video player, this page shows you all the settings to customise it:

- The Video Player. The video player can be used in 2 ways; fixed width and responsive; there is more information on how to use the responsive version of the player here: Responsive Videos.

Please do not try and call the video player directly without either getting a recent URL or review id from the webservice, or using the helper page. Videos are retired and replaced when new versions of models are released, and sometimes reappear under a different review when relinked to a used car review.

In all cases, we need to setup an account for you and give you a user_id; please let us know your needs and we'll get you setup. For webservice integration (only) we need to know the IP address of any server calling our webservice when setting up your account; for the other methods, we don't need to know that - just tell us that you want to use our helper page or embed code.

The Webservice

Our main webservice can be reached at:

A041 is the version number; this changes with each new release, keeping the previous version of the webservice intact. In this way, current users can be confident the webservice won't change unexpectedly as it is upgraded - simply point your application to the new webservice when you are ready to upgrade.

The webservice is protected by a user_id that is unique to each user, and can be locked to an IP Address or a range of them. You must quote your user_id on every webservice call, or you will receive a 'IP address not authorised' error.

If you visit the webservice in a web browser, you will get a list of all the available functions, together with a set of test forms that you can use to try out your searches.

Please read Searching the Webservice for more detail, and The Video Player for details on how the video's appearance can be customised. The Helper Page and Adding Videos to Blogs and News Pages document an alternative way of using the webservice that allows embedding videos on blogs or static pages.

Car Sales Prospecting System

We have a page dedicated to this here:

Car Sales Prospecting System

Read More

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