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There are various ways of integrating our data and videos on your site:

- The best results are obtained by Searching the Webservice, and by displaying any video using The Video Player in an iframe.

- If webservice integration is not possible, we provide The Helper Page which can be controlled by querystrings passed to it.

- Some of our older sites use a mini-sites in an iframe (e.g. an example mini-site [1] ). This approach is not recommended for most customers, since it is inflexible and hard to customise.

- For those who want to put our videos on a blog, or similar content manaqement driven website, we have examples of how to include our videos with youtube-style embed code at Adding Videos to Blogs and News Pages.

In all cases, we need to setup an account for you and give you a user_id; please let us know your needs and we'll get you setup. For webservice integration (only) we need to know the IP address of any server calling our webservice when setting up your account; for the other methods, we don't need to know that - just tell us that you want to use our helper page or embed code.

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